Our mission is to introduce young people to the concept of philanthropy. We promote the philosophy of collective responsibility and ask children to help children in need worldwide.

ribbon-icon-sqWho We Help

Association Moptimistes, Mali, West Africa. We have contributed to the building and equipping of a children’s house as well as sending funds to help families pay for food during the recent period of political unrest. This is an ongoing project and we will continue to give our support as required. Read more: Who We Help

globe-icon-sqMake a Change

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info-icon-sqHow to Help

Schools, associations, companies and individuals who would like to cooperate with us to motivate children to help children in need, are always welcome. We promote different projects where children are involved and adapt them according to their age. Of course we are also pleased if you have any new ideas to be undertaken and need our support in developing them. Contact KWACE

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